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Book worldwide hotels now at is a foremost lodging source across the world rendering booking services through its global connection of affiliate websites and call centers. It is a site for finding hotels around the world. is a localized platform covering the United Kingdom for its parent site, For the sake of this review, and shall be referred as the same owing to the reason that they are a single brand. provides travelers from various walks of life a wide range of selections when it comes to accommodation and comfort on the web, comprising every package that deals with hospitality and luxury. The website is designed to offer an expert guide to customers in preparing for each trip in full gear by detailing hotel pricing, reviews, and other necessities. On, traveling at the 11th hour is no big deal; there are great deals for guests and the chance to book after comparing hotels. 

Fitting the bill as a giant brand, the company has about 85 websites in 34 different languages and boasts of over 325, 000 hotels in close to 19,000 locations. 

The hotel booking giant is an affiliate of Expedia, Inc., an American company that owns a good number of world class online travel outfits.  Overtime, Expedia Inc. has not only defined its path as a leading travel company, it seeks to effect change in the travel industry through the use technology. To this end, Expedia, Orbitz, Expedia Affiliate Network, Trivago, Home Away, Egencia, Travelocity, Hotwire,, Classic Vacations, Car Rentals, Expedia Local Expert and which are all owned by Expedia Inc. are web driven brands  providing a spectrum of options of travel products and services from anywhere.

Brand background

About 25 years ago was established first as Hotel Reservations Network (HRN) tasked with bookings for discounted hotel rooms in major cities. It was founded by David Litman and Robert Diener and in 2001the USA Networks Inc. (USAI) secured the acquisition of the company. In 2002 after HRN changed its name to, there was an unprecedented global expansion commencing with 29 sites that would later span for the next two years. Development with the company took another phase when in 2003 USAI was renamed InterActiveCorp (IAC). It was until 2005 when IAC disjoined its travel business with the name Expedia Inc. that became a functioning company under Expedia Inc. Since then it has been leading the race for the world’s biggest online travel outfit. The brand’s expansion spreads across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and East Asia. Seeing the need to be a part of a new world order peddled on smartphones, launched its iPad application and updated its iPhone and Android applications in 2011. 

Booking with

Booking with for business, vacation or other events is the easiest way to getting the best traveling experience. The loyalty program is an important feature that guests stand to enjoy. When they stay for 10 nights in any Reward property, they automatically become eligible to get a free night. The program is inclusive, offering guests an unbelievably wide range of thousands of properties to claim Rewards credits and many qualifying hotels to claim their free nights. 

Also, surfing on, guests may edit or rescind their bookings without an implication from the company. 

Smartphone apps has applications on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. The application is a fast and responsive way to book for traveling. Quests have an unhindered access to the best travel deals there at the tip of their fingers. When the app is first downloaded, users are to search for “Your Secret Price” on chosen hotels so as to save up to half the price. The Secret Prices are the cheap prices that the brand exclusively bargained for, for guests who either downloaded the app, subscribed to the site’s email service, or those who have enrolled in the Rewards. It is important to note that, there is no extra fee when booking is done on the app.

Cancellation policy does not have a cancellation policy however the hotel a guest booked shall have. This can be viewed on the particular hotel’s information right under “Hotel description” and “Book it”. The cancellation policy will be contained in the customer’s booking details and in his confirmation email as soon as a room is booked. Furthermore, the hotel’s change and cancellation policy must bear a cancellation deadline. The customer incurs a certain charge if cancellation is done after. Customers are to bear in mind that some bookings placed are not refundable   regardless of when the cancellation was done. Contact Customer Care service for more information.

Receipt for booking

Receipts are as important as purchasing a good or service. On, receipts are generated once an order is made and this is in form of a confirmation email. The hotel issues a receipt too as touching extra charges at the time spent there. Directions on how to obtain a receipt are explained on in the case of a prepaid booking. Discount Codes

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