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Cheap tickets for show at Viagogo is an online website that specialises in tickets sales for popular worldwide events. These include tickets for concerts, sporting events, theatre shows and festivals, to name but a few.  The site is extremely popular and as such is a ticket marketplace, boasting operations in nearly 60 countries. The company itself is based in Switzerland however its online customers are very much global. provides a vast amount of choice as well as online convenience. There are settings available that allow each user to adjust the Region (Country), language and also the monetary tender to suit each individual preference. The site also prides itself on consumer protection, providing an easy to use online service that allows its customers to not only purchase, but also to sell tickets for mainstream live events all over the world.  

This secure online ticket marketplace has ticket offers for literally thousands of entertainment events. Some are even available after box office sell outs. 

A guarantee is also in place for every order, as all orders are monitored individually to ensure all registered sellers deliver. World-class courier services are in place to deliver tickets by post. It is also a regulation that sellers only receive payment after the buyer has attended the event for which the ticket was originally purchased. 

The company have a policy in place that states they will “step in” and intervene if any issues are to arise so that buyers are “guaranteed” to receive valid tickets in time for their event. In these cases comparable replacement tickets are issued or in cases where this is not possible, the ticket sale is refunded. 

There is also a protection system in place from the point of view of the seller who uses The sellers are too “guaranteed” to get paid for any tickets they may sell and these payments are fulfilled on time as a priority. 

There is a “FAQ” section on the site which is very detailed and answers an abundance of queries, although an online help centre is available for registered users. 

Tickets for all events on this site can be delivered by post, downloaded as an eTicket or collected from certain pick up points located worldwide. These options are variable depending on the event for which the ticket is issued and on the preference of each buyer (and seller) in question. 

The most popular events are obviously listed on the home page with images and links to each one. For those users looking for a particular, lesser known event, a large search bar is in place on this page too. This allows any event information required to become instantly available. 

Some of the most attractive and cosmopolitan Cities in the world are listed as image links at the bottom of the home page. This means that different places can be researched for events that may be happening on a certain date.

You can stay up to date with by signing up to their Facebook and Twitter Pages for regular posts. 

Viagogo Voucher Codes

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