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I go to London regularly for business and am therefore obliged to entertain clients and be entertained by those that want to sell me something. One of my sellers introduced me to Theatre Tickets Direct as a source for live theater tickets in London, around London and in Britain.

So I checked the site out and found that the company really does deliver on what it’s ads say.

I personally enjoy live theater. For those that have never experienced seeing a live play or musical, London is where you should start. There are probably more theaters and more choices for live shows in London than anywhere else in the world. 

It really does not matter where you are staying in London. Theatre Tickets Direct can hook you up with a theater close to your motel or can get you the most sought after tickets in London and the London area.

The price you pay depends on the show that you are going to see. Most of the tickets you can get from Theatre Tickets Direct have a five to twenty pound discount over what you would pay at the theater box office. The most popular and newest shows will cost you the same as you would pay at the box office but unlike most theater ticket companies you do not pay a booking fee.

One of the advantages I particularly like is the group booking feature. You can book ahead for any play or show you want to see and be sure that all the important people that you want to treat will have a seat. While I do not live in Britain, I could see that this would be an advantage for any group planning on seeing a play in any London venue.

One of the other features I found interesting was the breaks concept. You can book a weekend break for you and your love or your whole family that includes the cost of a hotel and a play, musical show or concert. A bit of planning is advisable so you get to see the show you want. The hotel choice depends on your plans and includes five star hotels, romantic interludes and kid friendly accommodations.

If you want to pop round for dinner and a show then, Theatre Tickets Direct can connect you with the best dinner theaters in London. The price listed is the price you pay for the meal and the show. The site claims they have no added fees and I can tell you from my own experience using the site that they speak the truth.

Theatre Tickets Direct also offers the same low price and convenience for theaters and live shows or concerts outside of London. Liverpool, Birmingham, Stratford, Southampton, Nottingham, Newcastle, Hull, Glasgow, Leeds, and Edinburgh are some of the featured cities.

If theater is just not your thing at all, Theatre Tickets Direct has you covered with low priced tickets to all the most popular attractions in London and around the London area.

From my own experience, Theatre Tickets Direct delivers what they claim they will. You can get tickets to the most popular shows in London for a more reasonable price even if you do not plan ahead. This really is a one stop place for tickets to entertainment in London.

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