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Exante Diet is an online retailer of Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) meal replacement products in the UK.

Exante Diet’s products and programs work by allowing the body to reach a state of ketosis, which is when the body is consuming few calories than required. This state allows the body to use fat as energy, which means the body will start to burn fat. Their high fiber and protein products allow users to lose weight while still getting all of the daily required vitamins and minerals.

Exante Diet ensures that they follow the strict guidelines set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Effectiveness (NICE) on VLCD’s, and only using the finest ingredients to prepare their products.

Exante Diet understands that healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless, and that variety helps users sustain their diet and stay motivated. With this in mind, they offer an endless selection of foods you love, including toffee nut & raisin bars, Thai chicken soups, strawberry shakes, pasta carbonara, and even shepherd’s pie!

There is a multitude of programs available at Exante Diet. They are designed for effective weight loss, depending on your BMI and goals. Their Total Solution program consists of a VLCD of 600 calories per day, while their Total Plus and Working Solution programs allow for 700 and 1000 calories daily, respectively. Choose the right program for you, keeping in mind your BMI, tolerance for abstinence, and how fast you’d like to lose weight.

The experts at Exante Diet understand that many prospective consumers would be skeptical or concerned about any unfamiliar diet program, so they’ve created an easy-to-read “How it works” section just for you! Be sure to click on “Who is Exante Diet Suitable For?” and review the article carefully to find out if their programs and products would be appropriate to your age, Body Mass Index (BMI) and overall medical health. Also, it is advisable to consult your pediatrician before starting any diet program.

The company offers discounts on their products every month! Get savings of up to an amazing 75% on Exante Diet’s best-sellers! For example, get 50% off their many Box of 50 products, including Sausage Mix, Maple Syrup Pancakes, and Double Chocolate Bars! Don’t miss all the great offers at Exante Diet!

Exante Diet also provides an online forum and message board for users and prospective users of Exante Diet’s products to interact with one another, share recipes and success stories, exchange information about Exante Diet’s many different programs, keep a weight loss diary, enter contests, and even pose questions to a nutritionist!

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